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“An amazing school, with amazing staff, the warmth when you enter is instant.”


Willoughby is a Local Authority maintained Special School, the Lincolnshire County Council decides our admissions, and will accept students on the following basis:

  • At the request of Lincolnshire County Council and on the understanding that the Education, Health, and Care Plan or Statement of Special Educational Needs can be met by Willoughby School.
  • If the needs of the students as outlined in their Education, Health and Care Plan or Statement of Special Educational Needs can be fully met by the school (SLD/PMLD), and that the school has been identified as being appropriate for the student with the appropriate professional additional advice.
  • Careful consideration will be given to all potential admissions, but decisions will be made based on the appropriateness of the setting, the current and future cohort make-up, staffing needs, support needs, behavioural needs and any additional circumstances.
  • If the student has been awarded an ‘assessment placement’ subject to the necessary criteria being met, and school being able to provide a place.

If a student resides outside the county of Lincolnshire and a request for placement at Willoughby is made, places will be awarded following consultation with the Headteacher, Governing Body and the Local Education Authority, and providing that their Education, Health, and Care Plan can be met here.

In extenuating circumstances e.g. parents relocating to the area mid-year, students may from time to time be awarded placements at Willoughby following discussion between the LA, Head Teacher and Governing, and providing that their Education, Health, and Care Plan Needs can be met.

Where it is impractical to admit a student due to limited space or high numbers in year groups, students will be prioritised according to their individual need, following consultation between the Head Teacher, Governors and LEA.

The School will work closely with the County Portage Service in order to support families with pre-school aged children.  Input from the Portage service does not automatically assure a place at Willoughby School, but does allow the student to be dealt with in the appropriate channels at school, medical and County Council level.

Willoughby School works closely with a variety of professional agencies to ensure that students are dealt with and offered places fairly.  The School works in partnership with all relevant agencies so as to ensure that any student and their family referred to Willoughby at any level will have been offered information, advice and guidance at every opportunity.

Willoughby School prides itself on being a school community that allows all stakeholders to develop in an environment free from bullying of any kind; whether it is gender, race, cultural or background based.  Willoughby School has clear policies that detail the ways in which we prevent, monitor and evaluate issues, as well as the ways we promote, celebrate and learn from diversity of any type.

Willoughby School is committed to the safeguarding of its entire community.  Safeguarding practices will be applied and monitored for any pupil admitted to school.